Hey I’m Bxnjamin!

By day I spend my time thinking about what to create next, and by night I make it happen. Musically I’m an independent artist, drawing inspiration from hiphop, jazz, electronic and experimental music. I’ve spent years honing my craft in production, and lyricism; along the way building skills in photography, videography, film editing, and mixing/mastering, all to a degree and style that I’m proud to call my own.

Besides music, I create computer games – which I will be releasing next year on various platforms, Mobile and PC – and I also make graphic artwork. These design works fall under the name Snawlaks, which I aim to form into a functioning brand this year alongside my music as a merchandise outlet.

I have future plans in other creative fields but before I get ahead of myself, I’ll focus on these, with hope that you’ll follow my progress and become a part of the journey. Please feel free to get in contact for any business, or to show love!